• Image of BALMOG "Vacvvm" LP

Immaculate white vinyl edition, limited to one hundred and fifty copies, including psalms script and A2 size poster.

BALMOG's third full-length album"VACUUM" is the one in which the band acquires its highest level of maturity, both musically and conceptually. With this album Balmog goes a step further in terms of obscurity and composition, walking blindly towards VACUUM, lost in the Nothingness…digging into the obscure labyrinthine essence of TESTIMONY OF THE ABOMINABLE and taking violence and rawness integrity of SUMMA FIDE.

Recorded and mixed at Moontower Studios, Terrassa during some days of August MMXVII. Mastered at Necromorbus Studios, Stockholm, in September MMXVII.

1. Qui immolatus iam non moritur… 06:17
2. Eating the descendant 05:51
3. Hodegetria 04:35
4. Vigil of the blinds 05:12
5. Inde Deus Abest 03:35
6. Come to the Pulpit 06:26
7. Gignesthai 07:17
8. …sed semper vivit occisus 06:17

Track 5 by VARUNIAN.

Released on LP by Blackseed Productions.