• Image of MARTHYRIUM "Beyond the Thresholds" CD

The abomination has been revealed, the beast has been unchained, beyond the thresholds of devouring abyss.
The revelation has been summoned by the trinity of the cult of darkness.
Through our own blood, our flesh and thy fire.
Thus, we enshrine our flesh as the temple of perpetual darkness.

1st full-length album of MARTHYRIUM. Recorded at La Cortina Roja (A Coruña), mixed by Javier Félez at Moontower Studio (Barcelona) & Mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Sweden).

1. Introduction 01:47
2. Thresholds of Devouring Abyss 05:49
3. Leviathan 05:00
4. Abominations 05:54
5. Temple of Flesh 08:17
6. Towards the Crimson Darkness 06:58
7. Outroduction 01:22

Released by Blackseed Productions