• Image of RUINAS "Resurrekzión" CD
  • Image of RUINAS "Resurrekzión" CD

Two years after the debut album ‘IKONOKLASTA’, the unorthodox Spanish Death/Grind unit RUINAS strikes back with the 30 minutes EP 'RESURREKZIÓN'!

Drawing upon a macabre and apocalyptic vision of Christianity and a perpetual sense of impending doom, ‘RESURREKZIÓN’ represents a new chapter of misery and death, balancing shocking ferociousness and cinematic blackness.

Recorded and mixed by Brais Landeira at The Ocean Studios of Ferrol, Galicia, this brand new work sees once again the wicked mind of Rober (ex-Machetazo) behind the entire concept and most of the instruments played, assisted by the top-notch drumming of Angel.


1. Eterno Retorno [03:07]
2. Tormenta de Miseria y Muerte [02:13]
3. Último Vector [01:58]
4. Resurrekzión [03:06]
5. Ex Putrefaktio [02:19] (instrumental)
6. Lázaro [17:17] (instrumental)

Jewelcase CD edition by Spikerot Records (Italy).
Release date: May 13th, 2022.

For more info: ruinas.online