• Image of BALMOG "Svmma Fide" CD

Second full-length album of BALMOG. "Svmma Fide" is the most violent and dark material ever created by this relentless band, just that. An album representing what it is and what shall be the true Black Metal. Recorded in Moontower Studios in Barcelona by Javier Félez (Graveyard) and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios in Stockholm.

1. Witness 06:09
2. Bring vs, guide vs 04:34
3. Der Flvche 07:50
4. Liberate me 02:15
5. HΩshek 04:39
6. NΩmen illi mΩrs 05:25
7. Ascetic penitence 08:39
8. Lvcifer ex machina 03:44

Tracks 4 and 8 by VARUNIAN.

Released by Blackseed Productions.